Enigmata Stellar War

90 1M
Swords and Potions
Papa's Wingeria
Jul 2, 2012


Build up a base to save the Enigmata galaxy from the insidious Villalobos!


Create units to defend the base with the mouse.

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Recent Edits

  • Shield Disruptor
    Shield disruptor is a not-so-common upgrade that, as its name suggests, allows a unit to...
  • Arcane Wrath Thumbnail
    Arcane Wrath
    The Arcane Wrath is a small shield unit that deals small damage in addition to reflecting...
  • Thor Thumbnail
    A Thor is a ultra rare unit that has multiple abilities and is somewhat a multipurpose unit. It...
  • Negawan Thumbnail
    Negawans are small, triangular drones that remove status effects from allied units, much like...

Popular Articles

  • Terminology
    This page discusses terminology regarding Enigmata The volume of fire is a relationship between...
  • Adaigo Force
    Adaigo Force causes weapon hits to slow enemy units down by a percentage. When an enemy is...
  • Gold Generator (Upgrade)
    The Gold Generator upgrade allows a unit to periodically (once every 10 seconds) generate gold...
  • Auto Heal
    The Auto-Heal upgrade provides periodic healing of 1 HP every few seconds. At low levels...
  • Matrix Enhancer
    The Matrix Enhancer upgrade provides a small flat boost to the maximum HP of a unit. The HP...
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