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Jan 23, 2015


After our hero Blast conquered 10 bosses from his previous encounter, another wave of epic bosses came down to earth to cause chaos and destruction. This time these bosses doubled their numbers and are way bigger and badder! Totally unique bosses with different abilities that will force Blast to use a different upgrade system.

Upgrade suits and collect different items and help Blast become the baddest looking hero there is.

Be sure to ask a friend to help you defeat these bosses as we also have included an option to enable 2nd player to join you on defeating bosses.

Get ready for three game modes to conquer, Normal, Hard and Insane!


Explained in-game

February 1, 2015

-Final boss kraken can now take some damage from player. Mostly visible if some ability is used to make quick damage on open eye. But if he manage to hit ship with his tentacles he returns 35% of his health. Forcing tactic on blocking all his tentacle attacks with shield. -Fire Blast ability is now destroying all bosses bullets when collided with them. But cooldown in increased. -Lots of minor changes in balance and possible bugs. Some reported bugs I still couldn't recreate so they might be around. If you run into any feel free to send us bug report and more you explain the better chance I will be able to recreate it and fix it. Thanks! :)

January 23, 2015

Added option to choose between mouse or keyboard controls as soon as game starts. And its still available in settings like before.
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